SPANISH CHRISTMAS SONGS – Canciones de Navidad

This is my second Christmas in Spain and with my slightly improved Spanish I am now able to understand some of the Christmas songs that are played in shops and on the radio. Songs are a great way to learn a language and so I will share some of the most popular Spanish Christmas songs and carols, known as villancicos, so that you can get into the festive spirit and increase your Spanish vocabulary at the same time!

The first song I have to mention is of course, Feliz Navidad! I hear this song EVERYWHERE I go. I am beginning to think it is continuously played in every supermarket in Spain throughout the month of December. You can’t help but sing along to it and let it bring a smile to your face. With very few words, it may not be the best song for increasing vocabulary but it is a good start for beginners and must be mentioned. Click here to watch Jose Feliciano sing Feliz Navidad.

You may find it easy to sing along with many Spanish Christmas songs as often they follow the same tune as many well known English songs. I managed to find a Spanish equivalent to my favourite Christmas song of all time, White Christmas. Here is a video of Blanca Navidad (White Christmas) which has the words so you can sing along and also the translation to help you learn the meaning of new words.

We must of course mention Christmas Carols. In Spain, like in many countries in the world, carols are sung at Christmas time. Some Spanish carols I have heard are Spanish language versions of carols that I sing in the UK, for example Adeste Fidelis (O come all ye faithful) and Noche de Paz (Silent night). However, I have come across some carols in Spain that are completely new to me. The most popular being Peces en el Rio. The song is about the fishes in the river getting excited over the birth of baby jesus. The video I have chosen is a jazzy version of the song which is usually sang very slowly. I like it better! All three of the videos for these carols have lyrics so make sure you sing along!

Finally, I couldn’t write a blog about Spanish Christmas songs without mentioning songs for children. Arguably the most famous Christmas jingles sang by both kids and adults alike are Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (my younger sisters personal favourite) and of course, Jingle Bells. In Spain Rudolph becomes Rudolpho and in Spain like in the UK and the US, Rudolpho has a ‘nariz roja’. This rocky version of Rodolfo el Reno really gets me in the Christmas mood.

Jingle Bells in Spain however is slightly different. I have looked and found a number of songs that use the jingle bells tune but none seem to follow the same lyrics. The most popular Spanish song that has adopted the jingle bells tune is a song called Hoy es Navidad. It is very cute and I hope you enjoy singing along with this video as much as I did. It is impossible not to bop along with the tune and the words are simple so you should learn them really quickly.

Well there are many other Spanish Christmas songs out there for you to discover. Let me know if you think of any that you felt deserved a mention here. Enjoy the songs and I hope you learn some new vocabulary. ¡Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!



  1. Ilse
    1251 days ago

    Hay tambien muy bonito canciones de natal traditional !
    PE: Hacia belen va; los peces del rio, el desembre congelat …..

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