You know you live in Madrid when…

In the three months I’ve been living in Madrid I have already noticed a lot of remarkable differences. I would like to share some with you:


Minibús: Madrid is a big city but it has a lot of cute little streets in the city centre. It’s a pleasure to walk through these streets but for the public transport it’s impossible to pass through them. That’s why they brought into existence the minibús. These minibuses are blue, 5 by 2 meters long and they have 7 seats. They are just as cute and tiny as the streets they are driving through! And I’m so lucky I can use them to go to work since the bus stops exactly in front of Babylon Idiomas Madrid!


Turtles: I love animals but I have only seen them in the wild, in the zoo or as pets at someone’s home. But in Madrid I’ve seen animals in a different, kind of strange, place… The most important train station in Madrid (Atocha) has its own pets! The pond in the tropical garden inside the station is full of turtles! Now it isn’t a punishment that you have to wait an hour for the next train when you missed it since you have a great and dynamic view.


Sun blinds: When I arrived in Madrid in August it was over 40 degrees. It felt like a culture shock because a few hours ago I left the cold and rainy Netherlands! In the street Calle Preciados in the city centre of Madrid they hung up sun blinds above the streets to create some shadow for the shopping public. I can tell you: shopping is much better in the shade with temperatures like that! Just recently it has cooled down a bit (but luckily it isn’t too cold yet!) so the blinds are removed. It would be a nice option to put up these screens in the Netherlands now to protect the Dutch public from shopping in the rain!


Libros a la Calle: The Spanish love to read. Everywhere you see people with newspapers, books or E-readers. Not strange given there are Spanish geniuses like Miguel de Cervantes, Federico García Lorca and Miguel Hernández. Since the metro is the most popular means of transportation, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport decided to promote reading even more by hanging up posters with extracts of  books. I have to admit it makes travelling by metro more pleasant! They change the posters every now and then so there’s almost no need to bring your own book! And even if you forgot yours… You can borrow one in one of the Bibliometros: a library in the metro station!

Blogger: Nicole

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