Winter in the capital

Madrid, just like New York, never sleeps. It has everything: stunning architecture, nightlife, scenery, celebrations, weather, flamenco, great food and wines. Most of all, Madrid is steeped in history. One week will not be enough time to see everything but that will just give you more reasons to want to keep coming back.

To make it easier for you to discover some specifics for the Madrileñan winter, we have put together a small list of things you might want to try out while spending the winter months here in Madrid.

  1. Admire the decoration: The capital of Spain, Madrid, celebrates Christmas in grand style. Street lights in different colors and shapes sparkle and light up the streets of the city and small market stands everywhere are selling a jumble of Christmas knick-knacks.  The crib of Jesus and Virgin Mary are not only gracing the entrances of the churches around the city but also stand by the entrances of the different apartment buildings and houses.
  1. Go Christmas shopping: One of the biggest Christmas markets in Spain can be found in Plaza Mayor. The historical square is occupied by cute market stands selling Christmas souvenirs, Christmas trees, decorations, jewellery  and toys.  The market, which has more than 150 years of experience, closes down the 31th of December. Be sure not to miss it!
  1. Celebrate New Year’s Eve: The New Year´s Eve “Noche vieja”, is a fun celebration in the middle of Madrid, especially if you stand in front of the clock in the “Casa de Correos” building in the center of Sol as the bells strike midnight. For each of the 12 chimes, you will see everyone attempt to eat a pealed grape. It’s a tradition believed to bring good luck for the New Year. As Madrid has a busy nightlife, you will not have a hard time finding a nice discotheque afterwards to celebrate the rest of the night.
  1. Snack yourself warm: Weather can actually be quite nippy during winter here in Madrid, but do not worry! We have the perfect solution for you; keep yourself warm with the help of hot chocolate and churros. You can try these sweet Spanish delicacies in various cafes around the city. Made out of batter similar to that of doughnuts, the batter is drizzled into a swirling vat of hot oil and a spiral form. It is then lifted out and cut into pieces which are served with rich, creamy hot chocolate for dipping.  Many cafes are open late in the night/early in the morning so that the party people will be able to enjoy late night churros. A visit to Madrid just isn’t complete without tasting some.
  1. Ice skate: Looking to add a little romance to your winter in Madrid? Why not visit the tourist attraction the Retiro park, where you can rent skates and go ice skating 45 minutes for only 3 EUR.  You can also find a small ice skating rink at plaza Callao, located next to the famous street;  Gran vía.
  1. Go Skiing: Skiing is not what you typically think about when you are planning a visit to the capital of Spain. But if you feel the urge to strap on a ski-set you have the opportunity to do so in Navacerrada. Navacerrada is located 70 km from the centre of the city, so in less than one hour you can get there.  Even if you don’t have a car, there’s no need to worry, because you can get there by train. Navacerrada opens at nine and closes at five o’clock. So you have eight hours a day until April to glide through the snow, to have a break and recharge your batteries.



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