Nightlife in Seville

One of the best ways to explore Seville is to go out at night. When the sun goes down, Seville is a happening city where everyone leaves their homes to have a drink at a local bar, visit a flamenco show or go out to dance the night away in one of the many clubs. Nights in Seville are never boring. There is something going on every day and night. Instead of a lot of bars and clubs being at the same central part, they are scattered all around the city. The best way to start your night out is to have a nice meal with your friends at a tapas bar or restaurant.


Restaurants & Tapas bars

One of the most famous tapas bars is ’100 Montaditos’. Not only do they have a wide variety of ‘montaditos’ (small sandwiches), but they are also very cheap (€1,00-€2,50). On Wednesdays and Sundays everything on the menu is only €1,00, including the famous drink ‘tinto de verano’, an alcoholic beverage of red wine mixed with soda. ‘Los Coloniales’ is also a great tapas restaurant where it´s impossible to leave with an empty stomach. If you want to go to a more fancy and more expensive restaurant, you might want to visit one of the restaurants in Calle Betis, that have an amazing view over the river Guadalquivir, or for example the restaurant ‘El Giraldillo’, that is right next to ‘La Giralda’. All of these restaurants only offer the best of the Andalusian cuisine.


Flamenco Bars

If you are looking for a more cultural start of your evening, there are many spectacular flamenco shows in Seville. You can find free flamenco shows in Triana, for example. There are also a lot of bigger flamenco shows in every part of the city. El Palacio Andaluz, Alvarez Quintero, El Arenal and Sevilla de Opera are examples of bigger shows that do charge you with an entrance fee. Prices vary from €14,00 to €40,00. However, if you are in Seville, you have to visit one of these flamenco shows: definitely worth seeing!


El Botellón

Another famous phenomenon in Spain is ‘el botellón’. A botellon is a big gathering of people drinking and chatting on a square in front of a bar. If there are no bars around, people tend to bring their own drinks. You buy a ‘botellon-pack’ in a supermarket, which consists of a bag of ice, a bottle of rum, a bottle of cola and plastic cups. Well-known places where botellones are held are Plaza de Salvador, Plaza Alfalfa, Calle Betis and Alameda de Hércules. At Plaza Alfalfa and Calle Betis, you will find a lot of international students, especially on weekdays.



If you´re not thinking about ending the night at a botellón or tapas bar, Seville offers a wide variety of night clubs. At most times, people don´t think about going to a club before 2am, and most of the clubs are opened until 6 or 7 in the morning. Next to Plaza de Armas, you will find Club Buddha or Kudéta (every now and then the name changes, but the club can easily be recognized by all the Buddha-statues). Although this club doesn´t have a dress code, you shouldn´t try to get in wearing your Bermuda swimming pants and flip-flops. A lot of international students can get a VIP-card, so they don´t have to pay the cover charge. If you don´t have a pass, cover charge is about €10,00. Another famous club is Abril, which opens at the beginning of October. Other well-known clubs are Antique, Santuario and Bandalai. From June to October you should definitely check some of the open-air clubs as well, such as Terraza Bilindo, which is a beautiful venue located in the Parque Maria Luisa, and Puerto de Cuba right next to the river Guadalquivir.


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