Learn Spanish Slang: Enthusiasm

Everyone knows Spanish people are very expressive and they like to have their own voice when they speak. One of their tricks is to match their excitement with an appropriate slang word.

So whether you are learning Spanish in Spain or just curious about the Spanish language, this will definitely help you speak like a local and avoid being treated like a common “guiri” (slang word for tourist). No more!

Next time you want to sound enthusiastic in Spanish try using these expressions:


Guay / ¡Qué guay!

Cool / So cool


Mola / ¡Cómo mola!

Cool / So cool


Chulo / ¡Qué chulo!

Literally meaning “pimp”, and also “cocky”, but you can use it when you’re excited and it means “nice!”.




¡Qué pasada!


¡Qué fuerte!

Literally “how strong”, you can use it when something is too hard to believe.


¡Tiene buena pinta!

Looks good!


Super! And just like “super!”, it sounds a bit childish so please use ironically.


So try them on for size and surprise a local with your slang knowledge! And don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us your experience!


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Blogger: Guillem

  1. :) Guillem, thanks for sharing this. I think it’s very useful to learn some slang words because you get kind of more confidence in speaking the foreign language. But on the other hand, we still have to be careful as where we use slang because for some people it might sound odd if used by a foreigner…

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