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When I first got to Barcelona I was a bit skeptical about using a bike to get around the city since Barcelona is always packed with hordes of completely lost tourists and in general, is a very crowded and noisy city.  Bike lanes aren’t frequently found and therefore most bike users are cycling on the streets in-between all of the cars, vans, tourist busses, rude taxi drivers and small motorbikes. So, the first two months I stuck to the metro, thinking it the best and fastest mode of transport, but then I just told myself, “what the hell”, let´s try getting around Barcelona by bike!

Now, some of you may why the sudden change of heart. Well, for starters, the weather in Barcelona is great, only two months of Mediterranean winter, so it´s dry and sunny most of the year.  Secondly, it´s a fast way to move around the city – you’re never more than 30 minutes away from where you want to be!  Plus, you get to know the city as a local and discover many lovely places that you couldn´t possibly have seen whilst taking the metro or squeezing yourself onto the bus.  Most importantly, bikes are cheap and sustainable.

So, here are three possible ways to get to know Barcelona by bike:


Go on a bike tour!

For those of you only staying for a short period of time, going on a bike tour is a great way to learn about the most important sights and the history of Barcelona. If you decide to go on a bike tour, choose a route from which you can see a lot of interesting sights.

Usually, you start somewhere in centre, Plaza Cataluña or in the Barrio Gótico, go down the Ramblas, up to the Christopher Columbus column. Then all the way down the Passeo Maritimo until you reach the beaches of Barceloneta. Here you ride along until you arrive at the Puerto Olímpico. From there you continue to the Parque de la Ciudadela. The Arc the Triomf is only a stone´s throw from the Park. The penultimate stop is usually the Sagrada Familia and then you slowly go back to your meeting point, where the tour started. Now, this is the classical Barcelona-in-four-hours tour.  However, most of the bike tour operators offer their special bike tours by night, or the classical Barcelona tour including tapas.

Bike tours are fun way of exploring Barcelona’s urban life and a perfect way of making new friendships.


Rent a bike!

For the more adventurous souls, you can also rent a bike and tailor your own bike tour.  Apart from the fact that you discover the city at your own pace, it is a very efficient means of transport. Remember, in the end Barcelona is very small and half an hour is all you need to get from Gracia to Barceloneta!


Planning on staying for a year or more? Get a BICING card!

BICING is the municipal bike hire service, which you will recognise by the funky red bikes and the bike stations in many parts of the city. For a BICING membership you have to be a resident of Spain, therefore you need a Spanish identification document. It is also recommendable to open a Spanish bank account, just in case the service blocks your BICING card.

Currently, a one year membership costs 45,11 Euros. The first 30 minutes of each journey are free of charge. Once you put your bike in a station you must wait 10minutes before you can take out another bike and start another journey. If you ever go over the 30min limit, the service will automatically take 20 cents from your bank account, from which you paid your annual membership fee.


Have fun and ride carefully! :)


Blogger: Lubi


  1. DestinationBCN
    859 days ago

    This is simply one of the best ways to see Barcelona!

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